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Serengeti sounds – Lions and hippos calling - nature soundscape -

Serengeti sounds – Lions and hippos calling

Recordist: George Vlad
Mau-Mara-Serengeti, Tanzania
Recommended charity: Trees For the Future


Night falls in the Serengeti-Mara savanna. The deep calls of lions resonate through the plains while a hippo lazily moves in the water hole nearby. A thick insect chorus creates a constant background while distant Eagle and Scops owls can be heard occasionally. This is the typical sound of the African savanna at night. Oh, and of course you can also hear the hippos pooping. Besides lions, hippos, antelope and other big game, the African savanna is also home to roving gangs of baboons.This part of Africa is incredibly beautiful, biodiverse and complex. It’s the most well-known animal sanctuary in the world, and is probably home to the most dense populations of big wildlife on Earth. The Mara river is the lifeblood of the plains, snaking along Masai Mara and Serengeti national parks.

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