Legal Information & Copyright

The project has been made possible through the generous contributions of recordings, photos, artwork and videos by recordists, photographers and other individuals. We respect the intellectual property rights of artists and appreciate the time, effort and expense that goes into creating quality digital media.

The audio, photos, video and digital artwork used throughout the website all retain the copyright of their original creators or copyright owners. All content on this website has been published either:

  • with the direct permission of the copyright owner
  • with an appropriate rights-managed or royalty-free license which has been purchased from a media agency
  • with an appropriate ‘Creative Commons‘ license
  • due to the media being available in the ‘Public Domain

All media which has been been published on under a Creative Commons license has been appropriately labeled as such. Audio recordings on our website are all attributed prominently & linked to the source or other location requested by the author.

Regarding photographs and digital illustrations under ‘All Rights Reserved’, ‘Royalty-free’ & ‘Public Domain’ licenses, the media has not been captioned or visibly attributed due to layout restrictions and licensing conditions. Please do not use any media on this site without prior permission. If you would like to obtain public domain or creative commons photographs for use in your own project we suggest trying a service like Pixabay or Stock.XCHNG

The team is grateful to have inherited the Nature Soundmap project originally created by Marc Anderson. Marc has generously offered to continue support our efforts to expand the nature sound map by joining us as master curator!