About us

We’re building a repository of pure, immersive natural soundscapes as a fundraising platform for local, grassroots charities that support the restoration of our natural world.

Based on empirical evidence as well as numerous recent studies from all over the world, listening to natural soundscapes (particularly mindful listening) has a great positive impact on our wellbeing, and potentially on our respect for nature. However, these soundscapes are increasingly scarce as we humans continue to destroy the natural ecosystems which produce them. 

That’s where earth.fm comes in: as well as offering a natural soundscape every three days, we’re actively helping the community to go out in nature more often and discover a deeper, more direct connection with the wonders around us, which can lead to more well being on an individual and collective levels.

Our project is inspired by the Earth Holder Community created by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and by our passion for soundscape ecology.

“An Earth Holder works to preserve this planet for living beings by taking care of the air, water, and soil.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

How it works

Earth.fm offers new “soundscapes” composed of a unique one-hour nature sound portrait and an actual painting inspired by it. In parallel, each episode will be live on the map of our website (see screenshot below) and uploaded to all podcast platforms, free for everyone to listen.

Besides, we count with hundreds of shorter contributions from many field recordists from all over the world.

screenshot from our future homepage

Supporting not-for-profits around the globe

As well as showcasing the work of outstanding soundscape ecologists all over the Earth, we’re also highlighting charities from the places you’re listing to, who are doing the hard work of preserving and taking care of our natural world.

“We claim that in order to induce transformative change in human-nature relations we need a shift from a morality of utility to a morality of care” 

(Muradian and Gómez-Baggethun, 2021)
screenshot from our future homepage

Building a community of Earth Holders


Catalin Zorzini [founder]

Borja Blanco Mendez [strategist]

Borja is an Industrial Engineer passionate about sustainability and systems thinking who loves working in the field. He worked all over the world in community based projects to protect and restore nature, such as East Bali Bamboo Bikes or Project Stop.

Rajendra Kumar [developer]

Raj is our lead developer and occasional guardian angel. He’s using his magic to make everything work smoothly, from coding the website in WordPress, to optimising the site speed, fine-tuning servers and everything in between.

Marc Anderson [nature sound recordist]

From capturing vibrant habitat soundscapes to the voices of individual species, Marc loves tracking down rare and captivating soundscapes. In a world where man-made noise is ever pervasive, finding pristine wild sound can be a challenge and his work often involves travel to remote locations.

George Vlad [soundscape ecologist]

George also likes to focus on pristine natural soundscapes free from human influence, of which there are less and less every day. He’s on a quest to escape man-made noise, which takes him to remote and sometimes inhospitable parts of the world.

Merve Gençer [painter]

Merve is a young artist who loves bright colors. She is mostly creating acrylic and watercolor works inspired by beautiful nature scenery. She’s been focusing on painting for the last 7 years and can’t see herself stopping anytime soon!

Anca Rusu [editor]

Anca is a hardcore reuser, upcycler, and walker with a strong interest in media literacy and environmental communication. She crosses Greenwich Park almost every day listening to podcasts on her 10-year-old mp3 player.