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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs is a non-profit initiative developed by Digital Partnership for Regeneration and Reconnection MTÜ, a Non-Profit Organisation established in Estonia (registry code 80615833). Catalin Zorzini and Borja Blanco are the board members and legal representatives of the association. Read more about the team here.

Do you have tax-exempt status in the United States?

We benefit from tax-exempt status in the United States through our Fiscal Sponsors (The Biodiversity Group).

Why did you choose Estonia to register the charity?

Incorporating a legal entity can be challenging for remote teams such as ours, with founders in different countries. To create and operate a nonprofit organisation in one of the countries where we are based (France or Spain) would require one of us to travel more often than we like.

And we didn’t want to be responsible for unnecesary CO2 emissions or travel expenses that could be used for better purposes. Besides, we would like future partners to be able to join our board regardless of their location.

Inspired by this article from Invisible City, a nonprofit that supports European artists, we decided to register incorporate in Estonia. Estonia, through their digital citizenship, allows us to do precisely that. To create a legal entity that can be created and operated entirely remotely.

Who are the artists?

We gather recordings from over 100 field recordists. Please visit the nature sounds map to discover them.

How can I participate?

Join our Discourse community

Follow us on Twitter

Become a member (Individuals).

Become a Sponsor (businesses)

Is an Environmental Partner of 1% for the Planet ?

Yes, is listed as a 1% for the Planet certified partner, meaning that all the donations received from businesses that are part of the 1% for the Planet network will count towards their commitment and certification.

You can find our 1% for the Planet profile here. If you wish to make a donation as a business, please get in touch.