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Egret sounds

Little egret colony

Artist: Gianni Pavan
Garzaia di Celpenchio, Italy
Recommended charity: Reforestaction

Comical gargling, gobbling, and chuckling sounds made by little egrets (Egretta garzetta) in a nesting colony in the Garzaia di Celpenchio nature reserve.

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What is an egret?

Egrets are a type of heron – long-legged, long-billed fish-eating wading birds – with white or yellowish-beige plumage. This distinctive color is the reason their name differentiates them from other herons.

What sounds does a little egret make?

The species produces “various croaking and bubbling calls” when in a breeding colony, and a “harsh alarm call when disturbed”. Its vocalizations are very similar to those of the cattle egret (“a quiet, throaty rick-rack call”) and the black-crowned night heron (quok or woc).

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