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Spring Sounds -

Spring Sounds · 12 titles · about 6h 48m

The collection is a source of inspiration for our colleague Jan, who is back with a new playlist celebrating the spring.

For those living in temperate climates, spring is the season of renewal and growth in the natural world. As the weather warms and the days become longer, the landscape comes to life, bursting with vibrant colors and the sounds of new life.

One of the most beautiful things about nature in springtime is the awakening of trees and plants from their winter slumber, with leaves and flowers unfurling in a riot of color. The air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers, and the ground is carpeted with a tapestry of green.

Birds and other animals also return to the landscape, adding their own special touch of spring magic. Songbirds fill the air with their melodic tunes, while butterflies and bees fly from flower to flower, pollinating the new blossoms, while rain keeps the green fresh and vibrant. 🌼

Let’s see what spring sounds like in different parts of the world:

British Woodland in Spring -

British Woodland in Spring

George Vlad
EnglandTemperate Forests
A Norfolk Wood in Spring -

A Norfolk Wood in Spring

Peter Toll
EnglandTemperate Forests
Forest Rain with Tiny Owl Hooting -

Forest Rain with Tiny Owl Hooting

Jan Brelih
BosniaTemperate Forests
Rain in a Deciduous Forest -

Rain in a Deciduous Forest

George Vlad
EnglandTemperate Forests
Pinsapo Forest Dawn -

Pinsapo Forest Dawn

Marc Anderson
Woodpeckers in Tuscan Mountains -

Woodpeckers in Tuscan Mountains

Jan Brelih
ItalyTemperate Forests
Mountain Valley -

Mountain Valley

Marc Anderson
Soundscape with The  European Pied Flycatcher And Cuckoos -

Soundscape with The European Pied Flycatcher And Cuckoos

Andrus Kannel
EstoniaTemperate Grasslands
Nernier Soundscape -

Nernier Soundscape

Colin Hunter
FranceTemperate Forests
Pine Forest Soundscape -

Pine Forest Soundscape

Fintan O’Brien
IrelandTemperate Forests
Mountain Soundscape -

Mountain Soundscape

Marco Pesente
Spring in the Himalayan Foothills -

Spring in the Himalayan Foothills

Marc Anderson

🎧 A British woodland at dawn

The start of the dawn chorus on a lazy Sunday morning. Some of the birds that can be heard include European blackbirds, great spotted woodpeckers, European goldfinches, Eurasian wrens, European wood pigeons, common pheasants, a variety of tits, and many others. Their calls are layered and come from a variety of distances, emphasizing the beautiful acoustics of the area Though barely audible at times, the gentle babbling of the water ties their songs together.

🎧 A Norfolk wood

Great spotted woodpeckers drum while many other birds call, including a long yaffle from a green woodpecker.

🎧 Forest Rain with Tiny Owl Hooting

A vast forested valley during springtime in the wild Balkan mountains, with the evening ambience of a hooting owl. One of the last in Europe, this primeval forest is also known as the continent’s last jungle.

🎧 Rain in a Deciduous Forest

Gentle rain falling in a British deciduous forest. Halfway through, the dawn chorus starts softly, not reaching the levels of a sunny morning. Instead, relaxing rain sounds take center stage.

🎧 Andalucia’s pinsapo forest at dawn

A dawn chorus from a rare pinsapo (Spanish fir) forest in the mountains of Andalucia. Starting softly at first light, a Eurasian robin is the first to herald the new day with its song. As the day brightens, the songs of many other species fill the air. In the background, the soft tinkling of bells can be heard from goats on a distant hillside.

🎧 Woodpeckers in Tuscan mountains

This recording was captured on 1,200 m high woodlands below a mountain summit. This entire expansive area is covered by ancient chestnut trees, with a few distant old chestnut farmhouses dispersed throughout the landscape. Although spring has not yet arrived at this high elevation, woodpeckers and chirping birds can be heard all across the forest.

🎧 A mountain valley in Sweden

Recorded near the treeline, high in a montane valley, this soundscape features spring birdsong alongside the sounds of a mountain river rushing in the background.

🎧 European pied flycatchers and cuckoos in the morning

The aim of the Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve in Estonia is the natural development of protected forests and bogs. In the recording, European pied flycatchers, cuckoos, and wood warblers are clearly distinguishable. In the deep background, wrens, blackbirds, garden warblers, cranes, chaffinches, chiffchaffs, wood pigeons, and others can also be heard. 

🎧 Nernier Soundscape

A short but sweet sample of birdsong at dawn in the woodland of Nernier.

🎧 An Irish pine forest 

Wood pigeons, song thrushes, blackbirds, robins, goldcrests, and coal tits all sing in this vibrant recording from a pine forest in Ireland.

🎧 Mountain birds 

A vibrant mountain soundscape featuring the calls of mistle thrushes, coal tits, common redstarts, and common cuckoos. Don’t miss the cuckoo interactions toward the end of the recording.

🎧 The Himalayan foothills

The stunning rhododendron forests of Shivapuri National Park are alive with birds and bees in the springtime. Enjoy!

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