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Woodpeckers in Tuscan Mountains - nature soundscape -

Woodpeckers in Tuscan Mountains

Recordist: Jan Brelih
Tuscany, Italy
Recommended charity: Rewilding Apennines


When we think about Tuscany, we normally picture rolling green hills, beautiful old villas, and villages. While that certainly is a part of Tuscany, the second bit is remarkably secluded and mountainous. This recording was captured on 1200m high woodlands below a mountain summit. This entire expansive area is covered by ancient chestnut trees, with a few distant old chestnut farmhouses dispersed hidden throughout the landscape. Although spring has not yet arrived at this high elevation, woodpeckers and chirping birds can be heard all across the forest. The trees gradually gain green leaves, and the sun shines brightly during the day, only to be interrupted by momentary snowfall! Conditions can be quite intense in this beautiful place.

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