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Best Nature Sounds for Sleep  -

Best Nature Sounds for Sleep 

Nature sounds to help you relax and sleep better · 10 titles · about 4h 1m

Finding the best nature sounds to help you sleep can be a challenging journey. Here, we have created a playlist of nature sounds — ranging from oceans to birdsong — that may be able to bring you sweet dreams. We have also answered some frequently asked questions about the connection between nature sounds and sleep.


Ocean Waves at Stinson Beach -

Ocean Waves at Stinson Beach

Kevin Durr
USASea & coast
Dense Rain Over Trees in The Rainforest -

Dense Rain Over Trees in The Rainforest

Nícolas Gutierrez García
ColombiaTropical Forests
Crickets in the Jungle -

Crickets in the Jungle

Vladimir Arkhipov
VietnamTropical Forests
Thunderstorm in Himalayas -

Thunderstorm in Himalayas

Jan Brelih
Forest of Life -

Forest of Life

Marc Anderson
ThailandTropical Forests
Waves in the Sea in the Gulf of Mexico -

Waves in the Sea in the Gulf of Mexico

Felix Blume
MexicoSea & coast
Santee Coastal Reserve -

Santee Coastal Reserve

Jared Blake
Rainforest sounds – Night in the Amazon jungle -

Rainforest sounds – Night in the Amazon jungle

George Vlad
PeruTropical Forests
Heavy Snowfall in the Beech Forest -

Heavy Snowfall in the Beech Forest

Håkan Karlsson
SwedenTemperate Forests
Windy Day in a Beech Forest -

Windy Day in a Beech Forest

Fabrizio Furnari
ItalyTemperate Forests

FAQs about the best nature sounds for sleep 

How can nature sounds help you sleep better?

“Listening to nature sounds can physically change our mind and bodily systems, helping us to relax,” according to research by the UK’s University of Sussex. In the study, nature sounds were found to affect the part of the body that controls the “flight-or-fright” and the “rest-digest” autonomic nervous systems, showing that nature sounds can promote relaxation and resting activity in the brain.

In another study, participants reported that ocean sounds improved the quality of their sleep, including depth, awakening, and return to sleep.

Nature sounds have also proved to be helpful for the reduction of pain and in decreasing potentially harmful psychological responses arising from anxiety. All promising results, as less pain and fewer anxious thoughts may naturally lead to better quality sleep.

Listen to’s ‘Best Sleep Sounds for Anxiety’ playlist! ☯️ 🎧

10 nature sounds that can help you sleep better

As discussed in our article about the best sounds for sleep, there is no guarantee that ocean sounds or the ambiance of chirping crickets will help you fall asleep. 

In fact, you may not enjoy nature sounds for this purpose at all. However, for some people, playlists of nature sounds are enormously helpful for drifting to sleep. (You can even create your own playlist here on, if you become a supporting member 😉.)

In any case, here are 10 types of nature sounds that are popular choices for encouraging sleep:

  1. Ocean sounds 
  2. Rain sounds
  3. Cricket sounds
  4. Thunder sounds
  5. Forest sounds
  6. Wave sounds
  7. Bird sounds
  8. Wind sounds
  9. Rainforest sounds
  10. Snow sounds

If you’d like to give these a try, hit the play button on the playlist above, which was hand-picked in the hope of helping you fall asleep in the most relaxed state possible.

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