Windy Night Quietude at Deep Creek - nature soundscape -

Windy Night Quietude at Deep Creek

Recordist: Khristos Nizamis
Recommended charity: Birdlife Australia


A moonless, overcast and windy night at Deep Creek National Park, with a scent of rain in the air, nestled amongst coastal eucalyptus trees and grass trees on a hill overlooking the rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight one and a half kilometres away. Just the gusty wind in the trees, and nothing else... Yet, this simple natural soundscape minimalism can be a deep pleasure and a priceless treasure. And a precious opportunity to enjoy a deeply peaceful, restful, and rejuvenating sleep! Don't underestimate it. Seek it out, enjoy it, and above all, protect it and preserve it! Keep out those noxious weekend/holiday urban four-wheel-drives that want to come down to churn and tear up the morning, because they think it's 'fun'... Tell them: Hey, come down here to enjoy the quietude, not to demolish it. Nature's quietude is the infinitely better option for your own well-being...

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