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Wind Above the Forest Cliffs - nature soundscape -

Wind Above the Forest Cliffs

Recordist: Jan Brelih
Snežnik, Slovenia
Recommended charity: DOPPS – Birdlife Slovenia


At 1400 meters, in the heart of a UNESCO-protected primeval Beech forest, there are hidden cliff systems containing numerous caves. It is early winter on a windy day and we are positioned at the bottom of a high cliff. This recording captures the sounds of dripping water inside one of the caves and cliffs, being joined by a distant wind sweeping over Beech trees which slowly settle down towards the end. It is the most remote area you can find in Slovenia, a country known for its unspoiled nature. Such well-protected mountain habitat gives you a rare opportunity to be for days without any kind of human-made noise. This is also home to numerous species like brown bear, lynx, wolf and other wildlife which remain pretty undisturbed here.

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