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Chachalaca sounds - nature landscape painting -

Chachalaca sounds

Speckled chachalaca chorus

Coroico, Bolivia
Recommended charity: Wildlife Conservation Society

At dawn in the Coroico hills, speckled chachalacas dominate the soundscape with their antiphonal cackling [alternating between two groups].

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What kind of bird is a chachalaca?

Chachalacas, a group of around 50 species of birds from the Ortalis genus, are present from the south of the US down through Central America and all the way into southern South America. Unlike other, ground-dwelling members of the Galliformes order such as chickens, pheasants, and peafowl, chachalacas spend their time in trees. 

What does chachalacha mean in Mexico?

The name comes from the Nahuatl word meaning ‘to chatter’, which is considered “obviously onomatopoetic of the four-noted cackle”, cha-cha-LAW-ka, made by the plain chachalaca.

What noise does the speckled chachalaca make?

The calls of chachalaca species in general are “raucous”, with choruses given most frequently at dawn or dusk, while “individuals tend to vocalize in duets”. Though “poorly known”, the speckled chachalaca rapidly repeats a “rhythmic five-syllable phrase rendered ha-ga-GAA-gogok”

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