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Soft Dawn Chorus in the Jungles of Nepal - nature landscape painting -

Soft Dawn Chorus in the Jungles of Nepal

Artist: George Vlad
Bardiya, Nepal

Listen to the subtle sounds of nature and wildlife in the dry forests of Nepal.

As the first rays of light filter through the dusty canopy, a tentative bird chorus fills the air. It’s the height of the dry season and resources are scarce. Most bird species don’t hold territories anymore so the need to advertise isn’t as pronounced. The dynamic range of the forest soundscape is high, which is a fancy way to say that both very quiet and very loud sounds can be heard. Hearing distance is great in this part of Nepal, and with a bit of effort you can hear bird calls from miles away. It’s a lovely and meditative place to explore. By no means an assault on the senses, this jungle takes time and effort to immerse oneself in.

If you’ve been driving or walking for a while, your hearing will be accustomed to the loud sounds of the engine or footsteps in the dry undergrowth. It will take a few minutes or longer for your ears to readjust. As your breathing slows and quietens down, small details become apparent. Leaves falling make tiny click sounds as they land on the forest floor. The wind in the leaves creates a sonic glue that underpins the soundscape. And birdsong is everywhere, even though it’s subdued and seemingly sparse. On my recent expedition to Nepal I had the immense pleasure of exploring a new part of the world with very talented local guides. They use sound and even smell to locate wildlife in the thick bush, which comes in a stark contrast to our predominantly visual culture in the West. It was a lovely immersion into the wilderness, and these soundscapes barely scratch the surface conveying their complexity. Along with words and stories, these recordings are my best way to capture and reproduce the feeling of being there. is a completely free streaming service of 900+ nature sounds from around the world, offering natural soundscapes and guided meditations for people who wish to listen to nature, relax, and become more connected.

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