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River Parvati - nature soundscape -

River Parvati

Recordist: Mustard Lake
Himachal Pradesh, India


Parvati is a river in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Flowing through the Himalayas, the river and the valley are home to quaint mountain life, lush ecological diversity, and other natural and human-made phenomena exclusive to the Himalayan ecosystem. In a relatively short span of existence before Parvati merges into the Beas river, it hosts important religious centers, hills known for harvesting recreational drugs, trekking routes for adventure enthusiasts, and systemic exploitation for hydropower projects and ecotourism.
This recording was done in a village called Tosh, which is the last village upstream of the river. The recording was done during brief pauses from the continuous sound of heavy machinery drilling the surrounding hills for hydropower projects. During brief pauses from human sounds of tourists visiting Tosh to escape the cacophony of urban life, and in turn, turn a quaint mountain ecosystem into a chaotic one.
It is a completely altered ecosystem now, in 2022. One can navigate their way following trails of plastic waste, to reach places in the valley which were once only accessible through bare and untouched paths, flowing quietly, alongside Parvati.
I wonder if Parvati still sounds the same.

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