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Italian Countryside - nature soundscape -

Italian Countryside

Recordist: George Vlad
Tuscany, Italy
Recommended charity: Reforestaction


In many places of the Italian countryside one can find pockets of nature and beautiful soundscapes. Compared to other parts of Europe, the agriculture in these regions seems more careful and environmentally sound. Vineyards and olive tree groves are interspersed with wildflower meadows and little pockets of woodland. Organic wineries abound, and modern elements like mechanised agriculture contrast heavily with old approaches like the use of natural fertilisers or terraced vineyards. Land is not fenced so animals can move around freely, and countryside roads are one-lane affairs that call for low speed travel even if in a vehicle. While there is a fair bit of man-made sound permeating everywhere, biodiversity levels seem great and the number of species heard is surprisingly high.

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