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Gentle Waves on Lake Superior at Crisp Point Lighthouse - nature soundscape -

Gentle Waves on Lake Superior at Crisp Point Lighthouse

Recordist: Darrin Wassom
Michigan, USA


This recording features the waves of Lake Superior as they collide with an old pier left over from the heyday of this amazing lighthouse. As I walked down the beach, I kept hearing a “tink think” sound rise from the waves. I looked around and discovered the pier/piling had a bolt sticking through with a large washer getting moved around by the water. Once I heard it, I became slightly obsessed with it and setup my recorder.

This sound reminds me of a singing bowl used during meditation. That crisp, clear bell and the calming sounds of the waves. The water is interacting with a man-made object, but this is nature negotiating and interacting with the pier that was placed in its path decades ago. Listen to this with headphones and let the cling of the washer bring you back to center as you breathe. Or, just listen to a cool sound on Lake Superior.

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