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Geese and Ducks Waking Up on Lake - nature soundscape -

Geese and Ducks Waking Up on Lake

Recordist: Nils Mosh
Ruhrgebiet, Germany


I came across the geese while reading in a nature magazin (Naturgucker) at the train station. Until then I didn’t know that each winter large flocks of geese come to the Ruhrgebiet from the North. I thought I wouldn’t find them, but from afar I could already see impressive amounts of geese circling in the sky on my first visit. The area near the river Rhein is packed with industry and cranes and havocs would be on every audio recording. In the evening the geese went to sleep on a little artificial pond, protected from the dyke, some trees and a row of houses from the industrial noise. I decided to return in the early morning. I was able to listen to the geese waking up and lifting the air in some light rain & fog, which made for a beautiful sunrise.

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