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Dawn at Stony Creek Bush Campground - nature soundscape -

Dawn at Stony Creek Bush Campground

Recordist: Khristos Nizamis
Ikara/Flinders Ranges National Park, Australia
Recommended charity: Birdlife Australia


On our way to somewhere else, we stopped overnight at this lovely campground, between Mount Remarkable National Park and Ikara/Flinders Ranges National Park. The evening bird chorus in the surrounding bushland adjacent to Stony Creek was plentiful and beautiful, but evening was not a good time to record, with lots of people activity in the campground. Advantage was taken of an early dawn, whilst most other campers were still peacefully sleeping, to record the already very wakeful and hyperactive birdlife – particularly the fascinating calls of the Rufous Songlark, which are faintly reminiscent of, but much more natural and spontaneous than, the tone rows or serial music of Schoenberg and Webern.

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