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Jungle sounds

Dark night in the Amazon rainforest

Artist: George Vlad
Reserva territorial Madre de Dios, Peru
Recommended charity: Junglekeepers

Nature sounds change in the Amazon rainforest as dusk descends. Where minutes earlier it was lively and lush, full of birds and other wildlife calling, now it’s louder, more intense, but less varied – at least at first listen. The insect and frog calls are almost deafening, occupying a higher range in the frequency spectrum and changing much more slowly over time.

What makes sounds at night in the Amazon rainforest?

The main jungle night sounds in the Amazon are made by myriad ever-present nocturnal insects and frogs. These both call to protect their territory and to locate and attract mates. 

Birds are more sparsely represented in rainforest night sounds, but nocturnal species include the googly-eyed potoo, which can sleep in the open during the day because it is so well camouflaged as a tree branch.

Reasons to listen to jungle sounds at night in the Amazon rainforest

Many of us may never personally experience rainforest sounds at night in the Amazon. Perhaps we don’t have any inherent right to. Yet recordings of night jungle sounds like this one allow us a tiny peek into one of the most precious and consequential ecosystems on Earth.

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