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A Night with Grey Wolves - nature soundscape -

A Night with Grey Wolves

Recordist: Ivo Vicic
Mrzli Dol, Croatia


A nocturnal recording that  gives you a “look” into the secret life of Wolves in nature.
We are in the mountain slopes, and the recording spot is near the Wolves, close to a doe carcass killed by the Wolves probably night before; the carcass is mostly eaten.  This is a perimeter of around 20m in diameter, a so-called ‘kill zone’ where everything happens.

The carcass is mostly eaten. What remains is the bones and some soft tissue. You can hear how the bones/spine are cracking in the Wolf’s jaws. Other than that, the Wolves are pretty much silent. There is no howling or other loud sounds because this spot is close to the shepherd dogs (cattle) down in the valley at approx. 1 km of air distance and those dogs are agitated from time to time during the night probably when winds change and start to blow towards them. The north wind (dark Bora) is blowing.

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