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North Sea Waves - wind is the original radio podcast -

North Sea Waves

Wind Is the Original Radio
Wind Is the Original Radio
North Sea Waves

There is an arc with this recording that connects to this: we can hear the ocean waves rolling in at high tide, but what creates that wonderful deep roar are the wooden groynes that have been installed along the beach shoreline. They create resistance to the force of the ocean and reduce the amount of longshore drift, helping sand to build up in front of the cliffs. They have been constructed to preserve the shoreline and to protect the dunes and cliffs from erosion. The cliff retreats an average of approx. 2m per year here. Erosion is a natural and beautiful process in and of itself, and one that inevitably occurs over the passing of time. Intervention techniques such as groynes can be used to add an element of control to the situation, and for me demonstrates a constructive collaboration between man, technology and nature which demonstrates how we can create sustainable spaces for future generations to benefit from.

Deep, rolling waves.

Carrying the ocean’s song to the shore

Smooth pebbles caressed by time

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