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Earth Day Listening Party Replay - wind is the original radio podcast -

Earth Day Listening Party Replay

Wind Is the Original Radio
Wind Is the Original Radio
Earth Day Listening Party Replay

Hello friends!

This episode is a very special edition – a replay of our Deep Listening Party on Earth day in YouTube.

This version is a 2 hour edit and you can follow the timestamps below. To listen to the recordings in their full length visit our page at

A big heartfelt thank you to all who sent their messages, named their favourite recordings and to all that contribute with their wonderful sounds.

00:00:00:00Vince Chanter – Ravens at Dusk
00:01:29:16Cata’s welcome message
00:04:19:17Khristos Nizamis – Stirrings at First Light
00:07:18:02Mel’s welcome message
00:07:57:14Melissa Pons – Andalusian Dawn (unpublished)
00:10:53:04George Vlad – Winter Wind in Snowy Forest
00:11:12:07Brother Spirit’s message
00:18:37:29Vladimir Archipov – Dreams of Bears
00:23:04:14Seán Ronayne – Deluge at Dawn
00:31:44:29Seán’s message
00:32:41:21Verónica Cerrotta – Florestas
00:38:11:11Melissa Pons – Nocturnal Lullaby
00:38:17:03Jocelyn Lauzon – Barred Owl
00:39:19:23Vladimir Bocharov – Early Morning near the Village of Lnikha
00:41:54:15Hannu Jännes – Capercaillie Lekking
00:43:28:15George Vlad – Borneo Rainforest Afternoon Soundscape in the Jungle
00:46:08:00Giselle Rooganoon – Aerial Ballett
00:47:54:00Kjetil Hoidal – Osstrupen Underwater Soundscape
00:51:50:00David de la Haye, Jez Lowe – Hidden Sounds (Binaural)
00:53:33:15Jacob Bentz – Supersition Dawn
00:53:42:16Jacob Bentz’s message
00:56:23:24Nick McMahan – Niobrara River
00:57:44:12Nick McMahan’s Message
00:58:49:06Jan Brelih – Thunderstorm in the Himalayas
01:00:34:00Christine Hass – Sonoran Desert Sunrise
01:03:16:04Melissa Pons – Iberian Wolves
01:04:34:01Mel Wolves
01:07:17:27Félix Blume – Active Volcano
01:10:41:05Gene Flipse – Humpback Virtuoso
01:17:36:15Laila Fan – frogs at Menghuan
01:17:43:23Veronica Cerrotta’s message
01:20:20:00Mélia Roger -Bubbles in a Pond
01:23:41:26Ivo Vicic – Evening Calm Life of Birds in Spring
01:24:33:04Rachel Butt’s message
01:30:36:08Martha Mutiso – Evening Chorus Amani Forest Reserve
01:35:36:00Sam Lee
01:45:33:15Mustard Lake – Dawn Chorus at Thol Sanctuary
01:48:26:17Mat Eric Hart’s message
01:48:37:02Mat Eric Hart – Saikan Temple Rainfall
01:53:56:00Isaac Amoasi Arkoh – Evening in Ankasa Jungle is a completely free streaming service of 800+ nature sounds from around the world, offering natural soundscapes and guided meditations for people who wish to listen to nature, relax, and become more connected.

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