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Dawn’s Chorus: Mating Calls of Marsh Frogs at Sunrise - wind is the original radio podcast -

Dawn’s Chorus: Mating Calls of Marsh Frogs at Sunrise

Wind Is the Original Radio
Dawn’s Chorus: Mating Calls of Marsh Frogs at Sunrise

Depending on the weather at the turn of March and April, you can witness an amazing spectacle of moor frogs mating in small water reservoirs, along with the awakening of nature.

During this period, the males turn a beautiful blue color due to the accumulation of lymph in the subcutaneous lymphatic sinuses. The azure shade of their skin is temporary and only lasts during mating.

The moor frog mating call is unmistakable, sounding like “wuog … wuog … wuog,” resembling a gurgling and chuckling bottle being opened underwater. During the breeding season, the marsh frogs’ amorous calls are often accompanied by deep grumbling sounds produced by common grass frogs, which inhabit the same areas.

Let yourself be enchanted by the evolving soundscape of the frog choir during the early spring sunrise.

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