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Artist Talks: Axel Drioli - wind is the original radio podcast -

Artist Talks: Axel Drioli

Wind Is the Original Radio
Wind Is the Original Radio
Artist Talks: Axel Drioli

Eight episodes went by so fast! Symbolically, this episode with Axel was the first one to be recorded. Since our conversation, Axel travelled south into the west coast of Africa and is currently in Sierra Leone, to record and tell the stories of migratory birds in the East Atlantic Flyway. So, this will be a special one!

We talk about the dynamics of this impressive journey, how technology led Axel to nature and out of the studio, his crazy blindfolded experiment in the streets of London, our general will to encounter “exotic” animals and how that can deafen us to the wonders right outside our window.

Learn about Axel and Ario’s project on the Sounding Wild page and connect with them on Instagram and Twitter. You can listen to some of their recordings on

Episode’s references:

Virtual Barbershop (listen with headphones)

Book Becoming Wild: How Animals Learn Who They Are, by Carl Safina

Field recording work: Songs of the Humpback Whale: Dr. Roger Payne

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