Helpful Resources

For those interested in learning more about nature sound recording, here are a few links to some helpful websites:

Nature Recordists Group
– A moderated group interested in techniques, issues and general discussion of recording natural sounds. Topics include recording techniques and equipment, recording venues and discussions of various animal vocalizations and communication. Other natural sounds, such as water, weather and wind-generated sounds are also discussed.

The Nature Sounds Society – A world-wide organization whose principal purpose is to encourage the preservation, appreciation and creative use of natural sounds. The Society promotes education in the technological, scientific and aesthetic aspects of nature sounds through its programs and a diverse network of contacts.

Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group РA diverse group of wildlife enthusiasts and researchers who are dedicated to capturing the audible experiences of nature to improve the understanding and appreciation of Australia’s fauna by laymen and experts.

Wildlife Sound Recording Society (WSRS) – UK-based society which helps individuals develop recording skills and techniques as well as promoting the study of bioacoustics. Members of WSRS benefit from learning about how to go about recording wildlife sounds, where to go, what equipment to use, what to do with the sounds that have been captured, as well as being alerted to some of the pit-falls to avoid.

Bioacoustics – the International Journal of Animal Sound and its Recording – ‘Bioacoustics’ is the only international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the scientific study, recording and analysis of animal sounds. Publishing high-quality original research papers and reviews on sound communication in birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects and other invertebrates.

Macaulay Library (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) – The world’s largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos. Their mission is to collect, preserve, and facilitate the use of wildlife recordings for science, education, conservation, and the arts. – A website for sharing recordings of bird sounds from all across the world. Xeno-canto uses the evolving possibilities of the internet to popularise bird sound recording worldwide, improve accessibility of bird sounds, & increase knowledge of bird sounds.